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Autumn Newsletter

The Connecticut Cemetery Association is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year! The organization was established in 1942 and has been partnering with cemeteries and cemetery providers for all of this time. Dale J. Fiore of Evergreen Cemetery is New Haven is on his second tour of duty as President after heading the organization once before in 2003. This year's Board of Directors is made up of a combination of experienced veterans and new blood. All of this makes for exciting times in the Association. The year is off to a great start and will continue on an upward trend!

Northland JCB Expo

Northland JCB is holding their huge annual Expo on Thursday, October 5, 2017 from 9:30am to 2:30pm! The event will be held at Gillette Stadium's Cross Insurance Pavilion at 1 Patriot Place in Foxboro, MA.

Northland JCB invites you to join them in the huddle at Gillette Stadium for an annual event that is part industry exhibition, part business conference and part Patriots field day. INNOVATE 2017 will showcase their extensive line of JCB construction equipment, industry insight and innovation, along with a special opportunity to tour the home of the five-time Super Bowl champions and to meet the Patriots cheerleaders! Lunch is free and will include all your tailgate and Superbowl party favorites! The event will also include stadium tours, photo ops with the cheerleaders, prizes, givewaways and more!

Register online at tinyurl.com/northlandjc

Stories from our Cemeteries

Louis Lassen
Evergreen Cemetery and Crematory

Our notable in this newsletter is Louis Lassen, creator of the first hamburger sandwich in 1900. Most of you would recognize his name through Louis Lunch of New Haven on Crown Street where many of us have eaten. In this article, you’ll get to know about the beginnings of Louis Lunch and how it came to be world renowned.

In 1952 they retired from professional entertainment and founded the Lathrop School of Dance in Newtown. It was the start of a union with the community and its people, resulting in a service to thousands of area youth, including multi-generations of families who learned the joy of dance from Mr. and Mrs. Lathrop.

Louis Lassen was born in 1865 at the end of the Civil War. He was a blacksmith by trade and a preacher by vocation. He emigrated to New Haven from Denmark in 1886 and became a food peddler selling butter and eggs from a wooden cart. In 1895, Lassen began to add lunch items to his cart as well. One day in 1900, as the story goes, a local businessman requested a rush order for something “quick and delicious”. Lassen put together a sandwich based on ingredients that he had on hand - ground steak sandwiched between two pieces of toast and and the gentleman on his way. This was the beginning of the steak sandwich and the first “hamburger” ever served in America. In 1917, Lassen moved his business from his wheeled lunch wagon into a small brick building that had once been a tannery on George Street.

The burger is still made from a blend of five cuts of beef. It is flame-broiled vertically on cast iron gas stoves in a hinged steel wire gridiron which holds the hamburgers in place and cooks it simultaneously on both sides. The burger is served with cheese, tomato, and/or onion between two square pieces of toasted white bread. No ketchup. The menu at Louis Lunch consists of the “original” burger, potato salad, potato chips, and homemade pie. The burgers are cooked in the same way now by Louis’ great grandson Jeff as they were in 1900.

When an urban renewal project threatened to build a medical building on the site of Louis Lunch, the Lassens and other George Street residents engaged in bureaucratic deliberations for almost ten years. Eventually, the Lassens relocated their 19th century brick building to Crown Street. In 2000, US Representative Rosa DeLauro pushed for legislation that officially recognized Louis Lassen as the creator of the hamburger and his history is recorded in the Library of Congress.

Although contested, Lassen retains his title as the originator of the hamburger sandwich and the Lassens have evidence to bolster their claim. Louis Lassen rests at Evergreen Cemetery.

President's Message

CCA President Dale Fiore

Happy 75th Birthday CCA!
Good Day to all Connecticut Cemetery Association Cemeterians and Supplier members. Thank you to the entire Board and all attendees that helped make this year’s June meeting another success. The program on “Succession Planning for Cemeteries” was given high marks by all in attendance. The program was presented by Charles Long of Grove Street Cemetery who provided an eye opening firsthand account of the challenge faced by his board when a vacancy in management disrupted their daily operation.

Mark your calendars and plan to attend the annual business meeting that will be held October 12th at the new home of The Norwalk Vault Company manufacturing plant in Watertown, CT. The site of the meeting is easy to get to right off of Rte. 8 at exit 37. Meeting notices will be mailed out including our regular Email Blasts from CCA Director Torrance Downes on the shoreline. CCA Past President who is chief operations officer for NVC is planning an informative tour of the facility where attendees will see how burial vaults are manufactured and delivered to your cemetery. I encourage all to attend including your Board members, Trustees and always a fellow cemeterian in your neighborhood that may become a potential member. Check out the new web site at www.ctcemeteryassociation.org and our Facebook page.Go to the CT Cemetery Association Facebook page and "like us"!
Dale J. Fiore, President


  • Thursday, October 12, 2017
    CCA Annual Meeting
    Norwalk Vault Company, Watertown, CT

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